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Equipment,” he says. However, the actual removing of the dirt is only a small part of the overall job. Phone •Fax. HXX Prodigy. hxx hydro excavator pd The Vactor positive displacement (PD) vacuum excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors with its high vacuum capabilities. International 7600 Vactor HXX Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck, Cummins ISM @ 425 HP, Allison Automatic, A/C, Air Brakes, Vactor HXX Hydro Excavation Vacuum, 12 Cubic Yard Debris Tank, 1,200 Gallon Water Tank, CAT 3560 20GPM @ 2,500 PSI Water Pump, High Pressure Water Hand Gun, Hibon SIAV 8702. 800&39; x 1" Jet Rodder Hose, 80 GPM at 2500 PSI Accumulator. Compare with more Hydro Excavators.

The Vactor HXX ParaDIGm is the most innovative, versatile compact vacuum excavator available. Ideally suited ideally suited for subsurface utility engineering (SUE) contractors and other design planning firms involved in civil, road, municipal, commercial, industrial and residential projects, the ParaDIGm can handle your specific applications with ease. Footage as Legacy Equipment Company hosted a product demonstration for the Vactor HXX Hydro Excavation Truck on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Vactor S/N: 07-03V-10385; 12-Yard Debris Body; Separate 1200-Gallon Water Tank; HibonCFM @ 27″ Hg. The Vactor HXX MS (Mid-Size) and FN (Fan) provide extreme performance while on a lighter weight design to allow more payload capacity. The Vactor 2100 Plus Combination Sewer Cleaner was introduced in showcasing the latest in sewer cleaning technologies. vactor The Vactor HXX hydro excavator was their first hydro excavator. The Vactor HXX Hydro Excavator is introduced.

2100i and iMPACT Combination Sewer Cleaners. Each has distinct advantages: A fan system moves an incredible amount of air, excavating more vactor hxx hydro excavator parts manual pdf rapidly than other systems. The Vactor HXX was designed and engineered as a purpose built hydroexcavator with contractor input throughout the process.

This customer-inspired vacuum excavator was based on input from over 100 utility company and contractor job site visits as well as the experience and technology of the market leading Vactor. Vactor HXX Paradigm® • Vacuum Excavator • Truck Mounted • Air or Water Digging Medium Introducing the NEW Vactor HXX ParaDIGm(R), the most innovative, versatile compact vacuum excavator available. TRUVAC by Vactor ParaDIGm.

® Vactor HXX HydroExcavator Heavy Duty Vacuum Excavator 1621 South Illinois Street, Streator, Illinois, U. Vactor 2100 Hydro Excavator Combo Trucks for Sale 10 yard debris body with 1,000 gallons for water with a John Deere Secondary Engine. Vactor HXX MS & FN • Vacuum Excavator • Truck Mounted • Air or Water Digging Medium Many utilities, contractors, and municipalities prefer a "mid-sized" unit that provides outstanding performance yet is lighter weight to allow more payload capacity. Let’s look at the following job as an example: Acme Utility Co. There are three models to choose from. The Guzzcavator is the first truly dual purpose machine with the same industrial cleaning capabilities as the Guzzler CL while also having the same hydroexcavation capabilities as the Vactor HXX which makes the Guzzcavator the most versatile vacuum truck on the market. &39;s HXX Hydroexcavator PD: product details, specs, related news, and videos. Vactor HXX HydroExcavator.

12 Yard Debris Body, Cummins ISX, Vactor HXX For Sale! Now with nearly 20 years of proven performance, the HXX is tough and reliable, built to work in sub-zero conditions as well as in the extreme heat of summer. The Ramjet units are designed to provide high pressure at low water volume and are ideal for cost-effective maintenance and emergency response in tight.

A new website dedicated to used equipment featuring Vactor, TRUVAC, and Westech brands. Increase safety and decrease the costs of digging around buried utility. Vactor Equipment Applications. Vactor Manufacturing, Inc. 25, ) — Vactor Manufacturing, the industry leader in vacuum excavators, sewer and catch basin cleaners and industrial vacuum loaders featuring innovative technology and custom configurable designs, today introduced the Cat CT660 and Kenworth T880 Class 8 truck model chassis options for the company’s HXX HydroExcavator ®. The Vactor Positive Displacement (PD) Vacuum Excavator is the preferred vacuum excavator among contractors with its high vacuum capabilities.

The Vactor facility is ISO 14001: and ISO 9001: certified. In most cases, a yard-for-yard comparison between a hydro-excavator and a bucket machine favors the bucket machine. A high-flow vacuum system then lifts the soil out of the excavation area. Manufacturer: HXX For power in a compact package look to the mid-sized Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavation truck. Vactor offers a full line of trailer and skid-mounted jetters available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks up to 1000 gallons, and a wide range of optional equipment. Federal Signal consolidates the manufacturing of its Guzzler brand of industrial vacuum loaders into the Vactor manufacturing facility in Streator, creating greater product synergies and manufacturing economies. area they believe to. It’s about doing the job the right way—because the right way is the only way you’ll do it.

VACTOR HXX 12-PD53 Hydro Truck Equipment Evaluation - Sep 7 INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 11 ANNUAL DOT INSPECTION - DecINTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 11 LEVEL 1 PM - AprCHASSIS ANNUAL PM SERVICE - Feb 21. To keep your operation running, there are over 85 service centers staffed with experienced, factory-trained service technicians and stocked with essential parts. Rugged and reliable, each one delivers superior power with operating simplicity and precise digging with greater versatility – all customizable to fit your. Vactor Truck Parts. The Vactor HXX Vacuum Excavator uses high-pressure water to break pdf up and cut through soil. We offer replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM quality for Vactor Vacuum trucks and equipment. Dedicated to Environmental Cleanup Efforts Against COVID-19.

It is possible for fragile parts underground to be damaged when using traditional methods, but with this single-axle hydro excavator, you will leave nothing but a small footprint. Vactor Manufacturing has applied its innovation and expertise in pneumatics and high-pressure water to meet the growing needs for safe and productive non-destructive excavation. has contracted you to uncover a 2 ft. We are not affiliated with the Vactor / Federal Signal Companies.

The Vactor facility is ISO 14001: and ISO 9001: certified. It is all thanks to the X-6’s 16” HG vacuum blower. When it comes to digging faster, smarter and safer, Vactor offers you a faster, smarter, safer solution: our TRUVAC® line of vacuum excavators. Fan or PI) On most dedicated hydro-excavators available today, customers may choose either a fan system or a positive displacement (PI)) blower as the vacuum source. Vactor 2112 HXX PD (12-Yard) Hydro-Excavator. The high vacuum capabilities of the Vactor PD allow material to be moved from great depths and distances not achievable with centrifugal compressors. The launch of the first Vactor HXX PD expanded their production in the vacuum excavation market. Maximizing your uptime, minimizing your expense.

Hydraulic System Vacuum excavators rely on hy-draulics to power the moving parts, so a clean and well-maintained hydraulic system is essential to keep the equipment operating properly. Hydro-excavation offers a safe alternative. It’s about manual vacuum excavators that are as tough and as dependable as you are.

) PD Vacuum Blower; 4-Years Old Blower w/ Approximately (2,081 Hours) CatGPM @ 2500 PSI) High-Pressure Water Pump; 900,000 BTU Hot Water Boiler; Air Purge System. Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaning. Kenworth T880 Vactor HXX Hydro Excavator. Utility Hydro Excavator.

The TRUVAC Hydro excavator was designed and engineered as a purpose built hydro excavator with contractor input throughout the process. The Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator is the perfect non-destructive machine for utility and municipal applicatio. That’s the goal of Vactor and its nationwide network of dealers. Hydro excavation can also be done remotely in hard to reach or sensitive areas allowing for removal of practically any type of material, including soil, rock, sand, water.

Filtration System With both air vacuum excavators and hydro-excavators, the fi ltration system should always be inspected. Vactor HXX Hydro-Excavator introduced in 1999. After all, this isn’t just work, it’s about pride—the pride of the dirt on your boots and the mud on your tools. Guzzcavator TM Vacuum Excavation Truck.

The Vactor HXX was designed and engineered as a purpose vactor hxx hydro excavator parts manual pdf built hydro excavator with contractor input throughout the process. The HXX Hydro excavator comes from TRUVAC who for over 50 years has been supplying contractors and municipalities with durable, reliable products using air conveyance, high pressure water and vacuum technology. Hydro excavation requires less labor, backfill, and restoration, with less impact on the environment than traditional techniques that use mechanical excavation equipment. This is the vactor hxx hydro excavator parts manual pdf equipment to use for potholing and other utility applications.

Vactor hxx hydro excavator parts manual pdf

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